Tips on how to lose 5 pounds in a week

weigh while losing weight of 5 kg per week

With summer upon us, many women are looking for the perfect way to lose at least five pounds in just one week. Indeed, it is quite possible if you strictly adhere to important tips. After seven days, you will be able to admire your reflection in the mirror.

The water will flush out toxins and help you lose weight

At first glance, losing five kilograms seems like a mission impossible. However, in reality this is not the case at all.

Drink more water

Water is a natural purifier of toxins and toxins. It helps the kidneys to work and speeds up the elimination of dangerous substances from the body. In total, he should drink about 30 ml per 1 kilogram of weight per day. It is better to give preference to ordinary clean water without gas. In the morning, half an hour before breakfast, you need to drink a glass of liquid, preferably warm. You can also add fresh lemon juice if you wish. This will help improve digestion and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. As for drinking during the day, it is better to give preference to weak teas and herbal teas: chamomile, parsley. They help get rid of swelling and have a positive effect on the body. And green tea has a tonic effect.

2 days 1200 calories

Losing weight usually takes as long as it takes to gain weight. The first step is to review the diet, exclude high-calorie foods and at the same time not forget about sports. And following a strict diet right away is a mistake. As a result, the metabolism will slow down and only get worse. Fat deposits may appear in the abdomen and sides and the muscles will become completely weak. Therefore, the right approach is important. In the first two days of the diet, you should eat in such a way that the total calorie content during the day does not exceed 1200 kcal. And hoping for the night is contraindicated. Dinner should take place no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. If the feeling of hunger does not allow you to sleep, you should drink a glass of water.

To lose weight, you should give up sugar and products with it.

Sugar-free and salt-free

This is another important rule for losing weight within a week. So, all foods should be excluded from the diet, as well as drinks that contain sugar. It can be baked goods, cakes, pies, ice cream, cakes, sweets and more. In addition, there should be a minimum of salt in the diet. It holds water and therefore causes swelling. It is best to avoid sweet nuts and unripe bananas. They can cause fermentation in the intestines. From vegetables, it is necessary to limit those that can cause flatulence: legumes, cauliflower. But the diet should include lean fish, white turkey and chicken meat, and boiled vegetables are suitable for garnish. Low-fat dairy products may also be on the menu, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented cooked milk, kefir, yogurt and others. Losing weight can include sweet and sour fruits, fresh vegetables, soups and stews in your diet.

I unload

Fasting days to lose weight are just a godsend. They help get rid of excess fluids, which means swelling, remove the remains of undigested food, toxins and toxins. You only have to spend 1-2 such days a week. But it's important to be careful here. If there are any health problems or chronic diseases, it is best not to spend days of fasting. If there are no contraindications, it is worth a try. Hence, the unloading can be arranged on brown rice. Porridge is boiled and consumed throughout the day in small portions. Just soak 300 grams of cereal before going to bed, rinse and cook in the morning. But we cannot speak of oil and salt. On the day of fasting you should drink more water. Also, unloading can be done on kefir, cottage cheese. Thus, you can saturate the body with calcium. During the day, you can eat about 600 grams of 5% cottage cheese and drink 1 liter of 1% kefir. There should be 6 times 100 grams of fermented milk product, washing each time with kefir.